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Assen wrote:
> Can we count on token filters being included in the hypothetical Lua
> 5.2 version?
> I like the idea a lot - I'd like to use it for things like removing
> asserts from release code, 

I know this is off topic, but this has triggered one of my bugbears.
Beware the rant.

Why would anyone want to remove asserts from release code?  So that in
a real live situation, where it actually matters, your app crashes in
mysterious ways, potentially half a day after the initial problem
would have been caught by an assert?

I've never understood this particular kind of optimisation madness.
It very neatly removes a whole plethora of ways a customer/user could
decently report an issue with the product.  It instead leads to
usually unreproducable bug reports, but wait ...  maybe that is a
reason ...  "we cannot reproduce the issue, it must be a problem at
your end".  Grrrrr.