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On 28 Sep 2006, at 01:41, Glenn Maynard wrote:

In case anyone's wondering, my own pet operator is unary +.  I have
a lot of coordinates specified in Lua expressions, and I hate having
to write "10, -10" instead of "+10, -10".  It doesn't even add
anything to the VM, just parse it out and treat it as a no-op.  (This
one feels like something basic and fundamental missing from the
language to me, where none of the others have.)

I think you could argue that one should have unary plus on grounds of symmetry. :)

I don't think it would be a no-op, it should coerce its operand to a number, just like unary minus does:

x='11'  y='-'..x  print(-x, -y)

Did you know unary minus did that? It doesn't seem to be a very widely advertised feature.

One could avoid unary plus adding to the VM by compiling +x as (- - x) which would in most cases get constant folded anyway.

In AWK unary plus is my favourite "coerce to number operator", I'd much rather use it than the traditional suggestion of "_ + 0". It even works properly on some versions of AWK.