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Oops. Should be as below (Item.Save line added)

Sub LuaListMailMessageRule(Item As Outlook.MailItem)
  Item.Subject = "[Lua-list] " & Item.Subject
End Sub

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[] On Behalf Of Paul Hudson
Sent: 26 September 2006 16:20
To: 'Lua list'
Subject: [Lua-list] RE: Why doesn't the lua list get replaced with a forum ?

>It's not an issue of filtering.  I agree that if I wanted to split out
>the messages to some other folder there's already enough header data
>to do that.  The problem comes when you want all new mail in one

Write a filter that adds [Lua-list] to the subject line?

Looks like Outlook would need a script to do this, but other mail readers
are more capable.

For Outlook, Alt-F11 then paste this into the form that opens, File/Return
to outlook, and set up a suitable rule that uses the script. Meeting rule
seems to be required according to this but it doesn't do anything here.

Sub LuaListMeetingRequestRule(Item As Outlook.MeetingItem)
   MsgBox "Meeting request arrived: " & Item.Subject
End Sub