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On Sun, 2006-09-24 at 23:19 -0400, Glenn Maynard wrote:
> Forwarded here because I can't mail Rici directly and I think the mail I
> was replying to was sent privately unintentionally anyway.  Your mail is
> broken; it's using a blacklist that denies legitimate mail (merely
> because my mail server is not set up to forward pointlessly through an
> unreliable third-party server).  Please use SpamAssassin or a similar
> heuristic tool.

It is hardly Rici's fault if your IP address is listed in real-time
black holes.  (See )

I suspect our mail system would think twice about accepting mail from
you, too.  I suggest you lobby the RBLs in question to reduce the amount
of time dynamically allocated IPs stay on the list.

(Personally, I love the fact that DSL/Cable dynamic IPs are mostly
listed - it greatly reduces the amount of spam I receive from people who
don't know how to secure their Windows box.)

On another note, heuristic spam filters are becoming less and less
effective - in a way, they'll never win the battle, as the spammers are
always one step ahead.  Statistical systems are proving to be much more
effective now they've had a chance to develop.

(We use SpamAssassin, and apart from it using an enormous amount of CPU
time and bandwidth, it only catches about 90% of spams, which while
sounds good, that's still hundreds getting through. :-/ )