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> I'm getting exceedingly sick and tired of the way us users are treated 
> like children. Just the fact it's so commonly requested ought to be 
> enough reason for them to be added.

without trying to be a smartass, let me quote you: if you want PL/1, you know where to get it. I do not quite share the idea you suggest here. There are a lot of other things commonly requested (increment operators, "+=", "?:" and other C-isms being the most prominent, together with "a standard object system"), to some of which you replied with the above quote, eventhough they're also quite commonly requested. In the recent dicsussion about javascript you also offered some not too favorable opinions about languages being patched up with everything more that 2 users requested, and in the end failing to get anything right.

Plus, honestly, assuming that the users are competent enough to apply a patch, or create one, if needed, in my book does not register as treating them like children. Giving them everything as soon as they start to cry does. And leads to atrocities like js, perl or php...

Please note: this is a statement about your "if its commonly requested, you ought to add it" stance. It is not a statement about the necessity of logical operators in lua.

Have a nice day,