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Hello Jim,

Sorry, I don't follow your question very well. You can get a copy of SWIG from the SWIG website (  The current release version is 1.3.29 which supports Lua quite well.  If you want the bleeding edge copy of SWIG you need to use the CVS copy.  Currently SWIG is hosted on SF's CVS. There was talk of moving over to subversion, but it hasn't happend right now.
I think the next version 1.3.30 might be out in a month or so.

Does this help?

Mark Gossage

> I've done some initial research but haven't seen any information about
> existing Subversion bindings for Lua.  I have need for SVN bindings in
> an upcoming project and it would be preferable to use Lua for the
> project without needing to dispatch the commandline client.
> Has anyone worked on this at all, or have any information?