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Sam Roberts wrote:
On Wed, Sep 20, 2006 at 09:23:42AM -0700, Chris Marrin wrote:
A good point and one we all know well. But the sad fact remains that Lua's oddball syntax is what keeps it from having better penetration into corporate culture. This is perhaps only sad to me, because I want

Chris is looking for a flame fest... :-)
Oddball? I find this syntax very easy and pleasant.
I am used to C-like syntax, and appreciate it too, but I don't find Lua syntax to be an obstacle to learning. Actually, I would prefer to teach Lua to non-programmers than teaching C or JavaScript...

Other than lua doesn't have the C boolean operators (&&, ||, !), which I
keep forgetting

I don't miss them. Only the boolean operators...

and the fact you have to do function calls with a ()
unless the argument is a string (which I keep forgetting)

That's not mandatory, just some syntactic sugar. print"Foo" vs. print("Foo"), not a big deal.

there isn't
anything particularly odd about its syntax I can see.

Hear, hear! :-)

Maybe it is I
who will find javascript weird if I ever learn it.

Well, it looks like C (or Java), that's why IT people like it, they don't like to learn new stuff... ;-)

Didn't know it was
a 600lb gorilla.

If that means it is slow and big (compared to Lua), yes.

Last I heard, it was the cockroach in the cracks of web
pages called when people pushed buttons on webapps. I must be out of
touch :-)

It is used for much more than Web pages. Eg. in GreaseMonkey (OK, that's for Web pages...), Mozilla extensions, Windows scripting (WSH/JScript), SVG and lot more.

Philippe Lhoste
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