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I couldn't agree more about lua using a forum, I use forums everyday
(such as and find them much easier than the mailing list.

I don't particularly like my e-mail account recording all of the lua
list interactions, it seems like a waste, since the majority of things
I cannot answer and or aren't usefull to me which I just need to
delete out of my inbox.

It would be better just to log onto the lua forums, go into a specific
category, and just browse what problems people are having, answer
some, or post one of your own.

plus, the ability to do a keyword search on existing topics allows you
to easily seek already asked knowledge, I'm sure there is a way to do
that with the mailing list, but I couldn't tell you how.

As for the icy north forums, I wen't there first before joining the
list, the lua area on those forums are dead, lua needs a well
advertized dedicated user forum.

I was both suprised and annoyed to find that lua doesn't have a forum,
since it seems to be the de-facto for many other libraries.

-Raymond Jacobs
Ethereal Darkness Interactive

On 9/17/06, D Burgess <> wrote:
Can't help but agree.


David Given wrote:
> George Petsagourakis wrote:
> [...]
> > Why hasn't there been a forum set up to host all this info and discussion?
> > There are certainly more abilities for the posters and nothing less than the
> > mailing list,..
> Please, no! No no no no no! Forums are awful --- they're slow, clunky,
> dreadful from a usability issue, they force your users to go and get the
> messages rather than delivering them to your users' inboxes...
> If you absolutely must have a webforum-like interface, then try checking out
> the GMANE gateway to the mailing list:
> But please, let's keep the mailing list!
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