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> Jeremy wrote:
> I saw a few posts about it being down, and I have yet to see it come
> back up.  Any word on when luaforge will be back up??  Also
> does anyone have a mirror of the current Lua 5.1 binaries for windows that
> would mind pointing me to.  I accidentally deleted luac.exe and need it :(

We are currently working on the new LuaForge setup and we should have things
back in the next 24hs.

Since the operation required the whole setup of a new server, we decided to
use the chance to update the GForge version being used from 3.3 to 4.5. This
means that some of the services (CVS, FTP, mailing lists) may not be all
available by the time the sites goes back to life, but we should be able to
stabilize things during the weekend without further disturbances.

Once again we are sorry for the trouble and thanks for the patience during
the recovery. We are already studying mirroring options so the next failure
may have less impacts for the users.

Andre Carregal