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Michael Panetta wrote:

Oops, yeah sorry about the spelling.  I ment marshal

Yes, in fact your spelling above, with one "l", is correct.
(I mistakenly used two in my message.)

I think both may be right.

(According to my Random House unabridged dictionary:)
"marshal" should always have one "l".  Derived words like
"marshaling" can have one or two "l"s.  ("Martial", on the
other hand, is an unrelated word that means "having to do
with war or warriors".)

Actually I think in my implementation I do not care too
much about shared upvalues, someone else may need that, I
don't know.  I was hoping to avoid using the debug library
if at all possible.

In that case, either write your functions so they don't have
upvalues, or initialize the upvalues within the functions.
If you want to do the former but still get upvalue-like
behavior, check out setfenv.

And of course to send LUA data itself (tables, numbers,
strings, whatever, it should not matter the type, with the
exception of userdata, and probably threads of course).

As David Given pointed out, PiL shows how to do this.