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Fair enough I only took the list from the Wikipedia article since I only
occasionally program on operating systems outside of Windows based

Just use the functions I pointed to do the conversions then.


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Phil Teschner wrote:
> It is not just Windows that uses UTF-16.  If you look at the wikipedia
reference for UTF-16 it lists some common OS and applications:

Actually, most of the items you list *can* use UTF-16, but *prefer* to
use UTF-8. Windows and Java are the exceptions that I know about, and
it's causing them endless grief --- the whole surrogate character mess
was added purely to solve the problems caused when the UCS-2 16-bit
character space filled up. Anything XML based, in particular, has
standardised on UTF-8.

UTF-16 has no advantages over other multibyte encodings, and quite a lot
of disadvantages (such as byte order issues, not being interoperable
with ASCII, bloat, etc). It's strongly recommended that people use UTF-8
these days.

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