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The first rule of optimisation is: "don't".
The second rule, and this is for experts only, is: "not yet".
How much difference would it make?
a[] = b would need to be treated differently to a[nil] = b otherwise there
is scope for subtle bugs
what about a metamethod that is triggered by a nil index assign instead?
then you could code whatever behaviour you like


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Subject: Re: Shorthand for appending to a table (was Re: 5.2 feature

On 11 Sep 2006, at 10:50, Dave Nichols wrote:

> I disagree, why should an integer index be any more significant
> than a name?
> I think a missing index should be a syntax error as it is now.
> Use table.insert instead, it defaults to #+1

The problem with this is that table.insert means a function call (*),
whereas the syntax I proposed would be inline. In tight loops, this
makes a significant difference.

* It also means an extra table lookup unless you do something like

local tinsert = table.insert

     -- Inside the loop
tinsert( table, key, value )