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At 14:50 7/9/2006, Edward Mitchell wrote:
I am trying run lua in the stand alone interpreter but can't find the binary.  I assume that I can run luac as an interpreter to check my grasp of the language.
When I look at the SourceForge binary repository (, I can see the lua5_1_Win32_vc8.tar.gz but there is no bin file.  I have Visual Studio 2005.  Inside the vc8.tar.gz file is the lua5.1.lib that wants to go into .\lib\vc8\.
Is there a place that I can get the stand alone interpreter for Win XP?

  The executable is independent from the compiler, so it is a different pack: lua5_1_Win32_bin.tar.gz

  This is explained in the file: apackaging_lua5.1.html (first file of the list)