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Tuesday, September 5, 2006, 2:29:39 PM, Edgar Toernig wrote:

> Module private registries are easy:

>     #define MY_REGISTRY lua_upvalueindex(1)

> and then make sure that you put the registry table into the first
> upvalue of each function of your module.

Yes, I see. That would be a bit faster and safer than using the global
registry, at the cost of an extra slot in each of the closures.

But wait! Lua 5.1's LUA_ENVIRONINDEX can create a shared environment
among the C functions without adding any closure slots. This is not
too well documented (at least I couldn't find anything that made it
clear to me until I read the source code).

I finally found Mike Pall's example; it is instructive despite being
primarily concerned with userdata environments, "the example shows how
to use the new C function environment, too"

I also now appreciate Luis Carvalho's suggestion in
"For more examples of LUA_ENVIRONINDEX, check liolib.c."



Doug Currie
Londonderry, NH