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Brian Weed wrote:
Aaron Brown wrote:
Brian Weed wrote:

Is there something about adding numbers that I should know


print(0x10000000 + 0x00000001)

print(0x10000000 + 0x00000002)

I get 268435456, 268435457, and 268435458.  My first guess
is that you're using (single-precision) floats instead of
doubles.  What platform are you on?  Did you change
LUA_NUMBER when compiling?

This is on Win32 (Lua is part of our game engine). We did not modify LUA_NUMBER. It's still double. Lua is compiled as a static lib via Visual C++ 6.0. The app is compiled via Visual Studio 2005.


Ok, this is really weird...

The following C code has the same problem (while watching "d" in the debugger in Visual C++ 6.0):

double d = 0x10000000;

d = d + 0x00000002;

doubles are supposed to be able to completely represent  a 32bit int right?