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> I would first like to ask, would the "int32 patch" suffice to your  
> needs?

Not sure yet. There is a port of SVN to RISC OS but I have not
got round to learning how to use it.

In my case, where I am trying to marry Lua numbers with the 32-bit
quantities that RISC OS expects for system calls, it is very
important that 0xffffffff + 1 should equal 0. 

In the end I decided to give RiscLua users an additional totally
separate number system implemented as userdata pointing to doubles
in the heap. Not elegant, but also not likely to be used in anger.
If they want to crunch numbers let them use Fortran, as Marie
Antoinette never said, poor lady.
I look forward to meeting you at Venlo.
Gavin Wraith (
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