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I would first like to ask, would the "int32 patch" suffice to your needs?

I've had the non-FPU issue on ARM, and that was the way to get it solved. My suggestion would be a float+int32 patched Lua, where you get the best of both worlds. This happens without the script level knowing anything, speed is boosted 2-5 times from that of non- patched, emulated FPU operations.

"trying to protect the sensibilities of their users.." <-- Liked that! ;)

Integer optimization (non-FPU) patch, revised to Lua 5.1.1

Gavin Wraith kirjoitti 23.8.2006 kello 23.05:

And one more thing: anyone with some suggestions for round
table subjects?

I have another suggestion. It has become a tradition for
scripting languages to try and protect the sensibilities
of their users from the messy reality that numbers come in
different kinds, by using coercion. Many sorts of CPU, that
have on-chip floating point arithmetic, conspire to make
this deceit easy. But with ARM CPUs, and I suspect in many
embedded systems which Lua targets, the CPU only supports
integer arithmetic. Is it worth discussing how Lua could
support more than one sort of number? Is coercion really
such a boon?

Gavin Wraith (
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