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Tomas wrote:
 	For now, I recommend one of two choices:

- use Lua 5.0 with Compat-5.1 R5: this is the safety choice :-)
- use Lua 5.1 (without Compat!) with the CVS HEAD: this was not tested!

Thanks to all who have responded to this thread. I'll skip the many many questions your responses bring to mind, in favor of reduced bandwidth. :)

I have taken Tomas' advice above; removed all lua5.1 binaries/headers etc... from public paths & removed/reinstalled lua50 package.

I have rebuilt luasql & installed. From what I can tell, this operation creates exactly one file for me : (this linked to the longer lib name) and these exist in usr/lib/luasql.

When I run the test.lua provided with luasql, I get the following:

lua: test.lua:599: could not load package `luasql.mysql' from path `/home/tblom/.lua50/?.lua;/home/tblom/.lua50/?;/home/tblom/share/lua50/?.lua;/home/tblom/share/lua50/?;/usr/share/lua50/?.lua;/usr/share/lua50/?;/usr/local/share/lua50/?.lua;/usr/local/share/lua50/?;?.lua;?'
stack traceback:
        [C]: in function `require'
        test.lua:599: in main chunk
        [C]: ?

So I've read up on the 'require' function, and I'm confused as to where exactly luasql.mysql is supposed to be coming from. Reading in the book I would assume this would be a .lua file it is looking for, but luasql comes with no .lua implementation files. I get only the I know this must be what require('luasql.mysql') in test.lua wants to get at, but I'm not sure how to provide it.

Thanks for patience with me ;)