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> > Andre Carregal a écrit :
> > Maybe you could join the Kepler Project list and help us make Orbit
> > better. I'm afraid the Lua list is not the best place for a potentially
> > long off topic thread like MVC for Lua.

> Philippe Lhoste wrote:
> Why off topic?

It was just an offer. :o)

I think that only the View part is related to Lua (since it may involve Lua
to parse it). The Model and Controller parts are too specific for Web,
therefore the suggestion for the Kepler list.

> - As per the non-Turing-complete template system, I concur, since I have
> read an interesting article on template engines from
> <>:
> <>

Those were exactly the motivators for our template processor, although we
did not followed the syntax...

> I still found the syntax of StringTemplate too Java-esque, and wrote a
> specification of a simpler syntax, easier to parse (without ANTLR!). I
> had a vague project to implement this in PHP or Lua, but never had the
> time to go on.

...for the same reason. :o)

This may be a good subject to discuss here (or at Kepler's): How to create
something like StringTemplate but without the overhead of it and not needing

This template engine could be used by a lot of other projects (not web
related) for handling SQL, config files or even source generation.

Some questions have already being presented to us:

- How far can the Lua parser be used for the template engine?
- If we don't use the Lua parser, what would an easy way to do the parsing
in Lua?