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Andre Carregal a écrit :
Maybe you could join the Kepler Project list and help us make Orbit better. I'm afraid the Lua list is not the best place for a potentially long off topic thread like MVC for Lua.

Why off topic?

Just two notes:

- When I had to make a PHP e-commerce solution, I looked at lot of frameworks, and chose Seagull. Perhaps there are better frameworks (lot of them trying to mimic RoR or some Java Web framework), but I needed one running on PHP 4 and this one was nice.

- As per the non-Turing-complete template system, I concur, since I have read an interesting article on template engines from <>: <>

I still found the syntax of StringTemplate too Java-esque, and wrote a specification of a simpler syntax, easier to parse (without ANTLR!). I had a vague project to implement this in PHP or Lua, but never had the time to go on.

Philippe Lhoste
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