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Hello there,

my problem is probably not with Lua but with lack of Linux knowledge.

Could you please advise me how to implement simple inter-process
communication between several Lua scripts running on Linux using only
the basic Lua facilities (i.e. not having to compile/include any new
Lua modules)?

Let's say I have one Lua process which is constantly running and
acting as a single-threaded server of sorts, and many small Lua
scripts which are invoked as CGI and ask the "server" script for the
data. The server waits for the requests and services them when they

I currently implemented the communication using named pipes (e.g.
os.execute("mkfifo ......."), writing to the pipe, waiting for the
reply, removing the pipe...) but this seems unnecesarily cumbersome.
Surely there is some inter-process communication mechanism available
from standard Linux commandline, for Bash scripts for example...???

I didn't try luasocket yet but this also seems like unnecesarily
complex solution for my simple problem...

Frantisek Fuka (yes, that IS my real name)
(and it's pronounced "Fran-tjee-shek Foo-kah")
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