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>> Is there some kind of easy install process for newcomers?

Download this:

Unpack it (four files, you need only two, namely lua5.1.*exe/dll) and
put it where you want, e.g. C:\program files\lua51\

Then call the interpreter and act in interactive mode:

     C:\program files\lua51\lua5.1.exe

Or call it and let it execute your scriptfile:

     C:\program files\lua51\lua5.1.exe YOURFILE.lua

Call it from the DOS-box to catch the output.
Even better: use a syntax-highlighting editor which
lets you define a run-command for the edited script.

I currently use TextPad and have defined ctrl+6 to
run Luascripts. Due to some annoying shortcomings of
TextPad I plan to move to WScite, which even has Lua
built in.
Also the editor Zeus is provided with a build-in

Have fun!
Christof Schardt