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I would test key for

if type(key) == "function"

On 8/11/06, William Ahern <> wrote:
On Fri, 2006-08-11 at 16:51 +1000, D Burgess wrote:
> How about an __index metatable entry that is a function that
> checks to see if what it is loading is a function and sets the
> environment of each function that it gets from the  master
> environment?

Wow! So simple, so obvious. And I'm so thankful!

In the base thread:

t = {}

t.__index = function(table, key)
        return rawget(getfenv(0), key)\n"

setmetatable(getfenv(0), t)

At least, this seems to work so far. <crosses fingers>

William Ahern <>

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