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Well I am almost sure that it is not my bug and
the gc definitely collects stuff that is on a thread stack
(and sets its value to nil). The question is what do I need do
to provide more info. I am using 5.1.1.

The collect call is
    lua_gc(L, LUA_GCCOLLECT, 0);

where L is the main (universe) state.

I have two other threads each with 4 items on the stack. One of
these items is the thread environment. The above collect sets
the value of the item at stack position 3 to nil when the GC

David B

I wrote:
I have a 1:1 relationship between OS threads and Lua threads
and only one of the OS threads executes at a time.
I am using lua_resume(), all things start from C.
It appears that a garabge collect in thread A is causing the contents
of the thread stack in thread B to be collected.

This only happens under great stress ( a test program that creates
a million tables being executed in two different threads).

I have tables and userdata that only exist on the thread stack these
are the ones that get collected.