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> I just wanted to add that if you are truly interested in learning
> more about closures, what makes them tick, and this style of
> programming as a whole, the book by Harold Abelson and Jay Sussman,
> "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs" is a classic. It
> uses the Scheme programming language, but nearly every concept in
> this language can be expressed with some Lua equivalent (and this is
> a big reason why I love Lua as a language). It is not an easy book 
> to work through, but anyone who does finish it will be a much
> better progammer for it.

See for the online version.
We nearly adopted it as the text for beginning CS students
in their first year at Sussex University, but in the end we
used ML and Wikstroem's text. But that was nearly a quarter
of a century ago. It is still a classic text.

Gavin Wraith (
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