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Regardless of what has been speculated here on the list, I REALLY like
luasocket and have been grateful I didn't have to write the
functionality contained within it. Thanks Diego and crew!

As a side note, I've been statically binding luasocket with my
stand-alone lua here at work since the lua 4.01 days. It hasn't always
straight-forward, but it is achievable.

In any event, I'm guessing Guido was really only trying to express his
desires and offer constructive criticism. Email tends to lack
subtleties we're use to from direct interaction.

Blessings to all!


On 7/21/06, Diego Nehab <> wrote:

>> I have the impression you are trying to pick up a fight?
>> Sorry. I wasn't being sarcastic.
>    From my humble external point of view, you seemed the one trying
> to pick up a fight.

I wasn't. But I guess what matters is whether anybody
thought so. I appologize.