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Javier Guerra wrote:

On Wednesday 19 July 2006 3:49 am, Robert Hibberdine wrote:
Seems to me a 9p2000 client / server library for Lua would be the way to
go (I think this has been done for Python and Java) . How much
encouragement would you need, Javier?   :-).

humm.... i see the 9P module has been accepted in the main Linux kernel. i wonder how much source-compatible would that be with real Plan9

Not sure. I'm just starting out on this 9p stuff. I've played aound (as a user) with the Linux v9fs module and npfs (9p server libraries) and it all seems to work ok. But it's early days at the moment. There is also the Plan9port stuff for Linux ( ... This might be a better way to go for a library..

My understanding is that as the underlying system (Plan9 and Linux) are so differnet a lot of the code is devoted to translating stuff (file permissions etc) between the two. Obviously the v9fs / npfs stuff is only for Linux. I have no idea if anything like this is avaiable for windows. So to have a Lua library to do this would be great. Whether you could make a single source library to provide 9p servers in Lua for Plan9, linux and Windows is a question I am currently not competent enough to answer.