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> So what is the limit on table constructors with this patch?

int size. Typically you will have other limits before this one, e.g. the
size of the block of memory holding the table hash. On my machine I went
up to 2^22 without errors.

> I previously had to raise the limit of the 'B' and 'C' arg field sizes (and 
> make the instruction word 64 bit to accomodate) to work around issues with 
> constructing large tables when loading our project files; am I correct in 
> thinking this will no longer be needed?

There is still a limit on the number of constants in a function (the
same 2^18). In our experience, most constructors repeat lots of constants,
so that was not a problem. But it may be for you. (Please let us know.
We may fix that in future versions, but only if there is real demand.)

> Also, what version(s) does this apply to?

5.1 (and 5.1.1).

-- Roberto