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Wilford Brimley a écrit :
>>>> <a href="";>reviews</a> - i can see the first one posing problems with "<scr' + ' ..., but the second seems relatively generic as far as html goes...not sure why that's causing problems.

I don't know luaexpat well enough to help you, but I can say that the above line isn't correct, at least in XHTML, and probably in most flavors of HTML. This kind of error is very frequently made, and most browsers will handle it correctly, but to be strictly compliant, it should be written: <a href=";user=name";>reviews</a>

You might want to pre-process such legacy HTML files, perhaps with HTML Tidy <>, or with TagSoup <>, to generate valid XML.

Note about the JavaScript error: the JS source should be enclosed in a CDATA tag, to allow naked < > and &:

<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">//<![CDATA[
// JavaScript code here

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