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On 6/29/06, Clóvis Garcia <> wrote:

The problem is that some equipment that I work are not full ansi
compatible. In these cases I created an interface to allow me to port
some specific codes. I did that with gzip without huge problems but I´m
not sure I´ll be able to do that with LUA in a simpler way. Memory and
file management are the main problem with these equipement because each
of them have specific API´s to be used. Other problem is that we do not
have multi-task support and I don´t know if LUA requires that.

    You can pass your own memory allocator function to Lua. Regarding
files, they are not in the Lua core; if you need them you have to port
the I/O library code. Lua doesn't require multitasking, although it
supports co-routines.