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On Wed, 21 Jun 2006 20:06:27 -0700, Matthew M. Burke <> wrote:

I had started working on some code but then tabled it when Meetro released their code. Yes, they did release it. Take a look at

The code is MIT licensed, they have code for Yahoo, and it doesn't have GUI dependencies. It will require some tinkering because it interacts with some meetro specific code that is not released.


Great to see interest in this.

There are updated versions of the scripts that still need to be put up, and the plans are to upgrade to Lua 5.1 and to get rid of the dependancy on a patch for the Lua 5.0 source to add bit operations (switching to a library to allow the use of a stock lua distribution).

If you e-mail me directly I can get back to you on any new versions or developments. Also, if you have any fixes/updates or comments I would love to hear about them. If there's enough interest then I can setup a forum or mailing list for the project.

Meetro Inc.