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I am actually against a syntactics sugar that doesn't add an additional functionality. I think it can be done with plain tables.

On 6/13/06, Andreas Stenius <> wrote:
Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo skrev:
>> Is there any document describing features etc. that you will be working on?
> No, no roadmap yet.

Sorry, noticed you already answered this (been away and had way to many
unread emails.. ;)

My requests would be:

1. Implement something along the lines of the resumable VM-patch.
    Realize this may be a difficult one to do portable.

2. Even I work on building some kind of OO structure in lua, and
    came across the desire to some new syntactic sugar:

{local} some_function some_var [ function call arguments ]

would do the same as:

{local} some_var = some_function [ function call arguments ]

I did look in the source and found my 2 places to patch.
Haven't done so yet, but think it's actually feasible.

As I said this is only for sugar.. you get rid of the = sign
and can write more clean class definitions with it, just as
the sugar for functions to declare them without = signs.

Preferably this would work in table constructors as well,
but I haven't looked into that yet.