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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo skrev:
Is there any document describing features etc. that you will be working on?

No, no roadmap yet.

Sorry, noticed you already answered this (been away and had way to many unread emails.. ;)

My requests would be:

1. Implement something along the lines of the resumable VM-patch.
   Realize this may be a difficult one to do portable.

2. Even I work on building some kind of OO structure in lua, and
   came across the desire to some new syntactic sugar:

{local} some_function some_var [ function call arguments ]

would do the same as:

{local} some_var = some_function [ function call arguments ]

I did look in the source and found my 2 places to patch.
Haven't done so yet, but think it's actually feasible.

As I said this is only for sugar.. you get rid of the = sign
and can write more clean class definitions with it, just as
the sugar for functions to declare them without = signs.

Preferably this would work in table constructors as well,
but I haven't looked into that yet.