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I'm creating some functions in c++ and making them available to lua. Some of this functions required to return and/or receive arrays (in lua arrays are implemented with tables right?).
For example, I have a function called setEffects that can receive an indetermined number of ints. How can I do this? I have tried the following code:
int LCamera::setEffects(lua_State *L)
    int argument = 1;
        lua_Number effect;
        while (true)
            luaL_checktype(L, argument, LUA_TNUMBER);
            effect = luaL_checkint(L,1);
            cout << "effect: " << effect << cout;
    } catch (...)
        //Do nothing. Only checking number of arguments
        cout << "number of arguments: " << argument << endl;

    return 0;
I did this hoping that when there were no more arguments an exception would be thrown and catched in the try-catch block, but it isn't the case. An alternative is to pass as argument an array but how?

The other problem is to return a table. If I have a method that can return several values how can I do it?

Jose Tavares

PS: sorry for the poor english

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