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Any special requests?  - besides Australia beating Brazil at the football:).

That's why I love communities like this.

I'm new here, and not a lua expert as yet, so excuse me if I mention stuff that has been gone-over 1 million times.

My goal with lua is to securely add scripting to a very small (embedded) multi-app platform.  The key issue I have found (so far) with lua is that 'encapsulation' can be circumvented.

I need multiple 'environments' running in a single lua_state and need them to be protected from each other and to be invisible to each other.  Yes, it's all about security. You might say that I'm just trying to turn lua into J2ME, but truly they serve different purposes.

Ideally, I'd want to place all my standard library code in a single global environment and have each 'protected' environment access it in a controlled shared manner from its own environment. I could use multiple lua_states to get complete separation, but then all my library code needs to be loaded in each one.  Lua threads go some way towards a solution.

I appreciate the way multiple environments can be used to contain code/data and 'hide' it from other environments while pointing to a shared global environment, but it seems to me that a programmer could still find his way around into places he shouldn't be using raw_get/set.  Actually, it's not so much that a programmer *will* do it, but that they *could* do it.  Our customers are very sensitive to this. 

Ideally, a programmer would not be able to know about other environments otr affect them in *any* way -  including changes to the global environment like setting a table (library) in the global environment to point to a new malicious one.

... or am I naïvely speaking *complete* rubbish though my hat ... ??


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> Is there a published 'roadmap' of what is up-and-coming in lua - for 5.2
> and beyond?

No roadmap, published or otherwise. Do you have any special requests??

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