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Yes, "__tostring" is not a core metamethod; it's only a protocol following
by print (and potentially any other functions that want to).

Makes sense. Though a couple of times when I've returned to Lua I wondered "hey, it would be nice to have a __print metamethod" while browsing 2.8. The second time a vague thought followed "hey, but wasn't that already present?" so I searched for tostring and found it. Now I won't forget any more :)

> why not include a table of contents [...] And an index of all > functions of the Lua and C API's

That's what contents.html in the tarball and index.html in the site do.
Or am I missing something?

No, *I* was missing something. Thank you. You might consider adding a list of all metamethods to the index, including __tostring and __metatable under a "special fields" label.