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> Dave Nichols wrote:

> I'm trying to use Xavante under Lua 5.1 and not getting very far.
> I've done some obvious tweaks to the point where it works for a single
> request, but then stops.
> AFAICT the problem is that the server registered with
> copas.AddServer is not re-inserted in the _reading list after its
completed the
> first request, so copas.step has nothing to do.
> My question is this: Does Xavante actually work or am I flogging a dead

The horse is alive and well, but grazing on Lua 5.0 pastures... :o)

We are in the process of converting both Copas and Xavante to Lua 5.1, and
you'd be welcome to help us if you wish.

Please consider joining the Kepler list on