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Hi all,

I've written a few simple apps in lua and they run fine on both my PC and the target embedded system. I then decided to reorganise these apps splitting them up into modules etc.. Now everything works fine on the PC but when I run them on the embedded system I get errors.

Specifically, if I call a function in one of my modules and that function uses one of the built-in library functions such as 'print' I get an errror "attempt to call global 'print' (a nil value)"

If I call 'print'  from my  "main" lua program there is no problem...

As I said everything works fine on the PC but not on the target system. I am using Lua 5.0 with the compat 5.1 stuff.

I have obviously somehow broken my setup on the embedded system. The problem is I don't really understand what is happenning here...

Any ideas???

Many thanks in advance