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I wondered about this same question for a multi-state system we've been developing.  Since functions can have upvalues, they are less likely candidates to share over separate states than you'd expect.  But maybe function prototypes could be shared?  There is a fundamental issue: how to recognise that function prototypes are actually the same?  E.g. if I require "foo" in two separate states, how is it decided that a lot of function prototypes can be shared?  Maybe by interning prototypes like it is done for strings, only shared over states?  Another issue is thread safety and garbage collection on such shared structures.

I want a single lua state with all common functions and data loaded in a central location and then each application to be able to operate on its **own** ‘virtual’ lua state without knowledge of other applications.  This really does have to be secure.  I do not want applications altering the global in any way unless it is using a function that exists in the global state.

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