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This work are similar to lualint ?

or specific for lua 5.1 ?

Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
> Motivated by a thread in the chat room (#lua) last week, I wrote a quick
> hack for doing static analysis of Lua programs and flagging the use of
> undefined globals. See the attached script, globals.lua. Since this
> script performs static analysis based on the bytecode, it cannot find
> all uses of undefined globals. For a tool that does that at run time,
> see etc/strict.lua in the distribution. Enjoy.
> --lhf
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -- find undefined global vars
> -- typical usage: luac -p -l *.lua | lua globals.lua
> local S={}
> local G={}
> local F
> while true do
>  local
>  if s==nil then break end
>  local ok,_,f=string.find(s,"^[mf].-<(.-):%d+,%d+>")
>  if ok then F=f end
>  local ok,_,l,op,g=string.find(s,"%[%-?(%d*)%]%s*([GS])ETGLOBAL.-;%s+(.*)$")
>  if ok then
>   if op=="S" then S[g]=true else G[g]=F..":"..l end
>  end
> end
> for k,v in next,G do
>  if not S[k] and not _G[k] then
>   io.write(k," may be undefined in ",v,"\n")
>  end
> end