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Friday, March 31, 2006, 12:18:46 PM, Diego Nehab wrote:

>> Looking at the source in the libevent CVS it appears that only sockets
>> are supported since select() is used for dispatching. This makes win32
>> libevent useless for files (and timers, queues, etc.). This is what
>> drove me to roll my own using IOCP...

> Yeah, this is what I noticed from the sources too. Is your IOCP library
> compatible to libevent?

No. Libevent API is dependent on (struct timeval) and (fd) and more;
it expects (fd)s to work a la UNIX. That was too big an impedance
mismatch for me to bother accommodating.

It may be possible to make a lua wrapper that creates a common API
between libevent and a Windows IOCP library, but the abstraction would
have to be carefully designed to avoid these UNIXisms.


Doug Currie
Londonderry, NH