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On Friday 31 March 2006 2:00 am, Diego Nehab wrote:
> Hi,
> > Just wondering, how does a LibEvent binding into Lua sound?  Right now
> > it seems to be a good option/addition to the HelperThreads library for
> > my MoonLog application (syslog/metalog replacement).
> It would be nice to come up with something that worked both on Windowses
> and Unixes. Anyone has experience with libevent on Windows? Does it work
> only for sockets?

i'd also like if somebody with windows experience would help porting 
HelperThreads... i guess your pt.c layer would be a good start, but i don't 
have a windows development system to test it.

> Also, it would be good if whateve solution we come up with worked with
> coroutine-based dispatchers where threads are not available.

i've been thinking on this, in fact, trying to do it all at once was a major 
stumbling block for my two or three initial versions of HTT.

but, once the main (thread based) API is somewhat stable, and (hopefully) 
accepted; it wouldn't be too hard to add a polling API, where the (*work)() 
callback is called repeatedly until it's done, maybe even setting some fd and 
telling HTT "don't bother calling me until this fd is writeable/readable"

when that's done, a simple compile flag might disable the threading API and 
making the whole thing usable on non-threading environments.

with all this on place, any library writer would be able to choose between 
ease to write (threads), or wider compatibility (poll).  i guess that most 
libraries for 'big' (linux,windows) systems would tend to use threads, and 
those that hope to be usable on 'small' (embedded) systems would try to do it 
with polling.


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