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Asko Kauppi wrote:
> Maybe I am biased as a former LabView user (hey, do you know anyone else
> liking _both_ C _and_ LV? ;) but the "circling", "adding notes" etc.
> sounds like the thing I'm after.
> Then again, this kind of concepts should basically be tested out, before
> they can be said to either "work" or "not to work". All of us are soooo
> used to ASCII and lines as the programming method.
> In a way, I would break up the top-to-bottom file layout, too, and think
> more in terms of a "page layout" program, where code could be placed
> within frames (think: PageMaker, FrameMaker, Adobe InDesign). Such
> frames could then be logically arranged, and smart interconnects being
> added (think: OmniGraffle, Visio).
Think mozilla+svg+rdf+antlr.  an entirely feasible project, but it would
be a bit of work.