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On Wed, Mar 22, 2006 at 01:28:36PM +0100, Rob Shaw wrote:
> Hi,

> My main problem was that the "tolua++ Reference Manual"
> says that the initialization function is defined as
> int tolua_pkgname_open(void)
> This works fine with tolua, but apparently tolua++ needs
> int tolua_pkgname_open(lua_State*)
> The program would compile just fine, but would bomb with
> a bus error when the initialization function was called, I didn't
> see what was happening until I compiled everything with gdb.

Is that a C thing? the only time I got that kind of error was when I 
acidentally cast a function pointer to the wrong signature and then call 
it (but that was c++)

> Other minor gripes, the test programs in /src/test don't compile
> because lua_dofile() has vanished.  Also, the .pkg extension

Yeah, the only one that compiles is 'tclass' right now.

> makefiles from tolua.  Makefiles are clunky, but have been
> around for 30 years.  (will scons be around in 30 years?)
> (will the world be around in 30 years?)

will tolua++ be around in 30 years? :) I think, since both scons and 
tolua++ (and all their dependencies) are open source, I don't care :p

> Also a question, if the byte codes have changed between
> 5.0.2 and 5.1, how can tolua work for both?  It sure looks
> like toluabind.c is chock full of byte codes.  Just curious.

It's actually plain-text lua code, dumped into a big array.

> Thanks, everything works (I hope),
> rob

Thanks for the typo list.. I'll update the manual shortly.