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Mike Pall wrote:
> Yup, it is. The Wiki engine used for is pretty
> simple and contained in one big Perl file. Adding full support
> for Lua 5.1 syntax highlighting was easy (comments, strings,
> keywords, standard library functions).
> The attached stand-alone script may be useful for
> other purposes, too. Sorry for posting Perl code here, but it was
> the appropriate tool for the job. Code donated to the public
> domain (without any warranties and so on).

Hi Mike,

As it looks simple enough, I'm OK with adding the syntax highlighting to
the wiki.  There's a small issue with the CSS: the box surrounding the
code stops at the right edge of the browser window even when the text
goes beyond the edge.

Regarding the general question of keeping code snippets on the wiki
(obviously we've already done this for several years), some points to
keep in mind:

    * the wiki has no authentication of contributors - (This is
intentional.)  If an anonymous novice "fixes" your signed code and makes
you look bad, or if a malicious person sneaks a recursive directory
delete into a large example, that's the way it goes.

    * there is no blanket license assertion on wiki content - (This is
also intentional.)  Furthermore, any specific assertion encountered
should be taken with a grain of salt (see the previous point).