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> Narrowing numbers to integers with help from the optimizer is one
> way to go. Dual number support (int + double) would have benefits
> for embedded CPUs (lacking FPU hardware). But it's tricky to get
> this fast for the interpreter and even more so for compiled code.
> I guess pure integer support is too limiting for most embedded
> projects (but would be really fast). [I need feedback on this
> topic from people who use Lua on embedded devices.]


I meant to respond to this a while ago and it slipped my mind.

So far I have used Lua for two embedded devices and for both of
them I've used integers exclusively.  Using floating point is way
too slow.  At least for the applications I've usd Lua for, integers
did just fine.  I can think of embedded applications where integer
only support would be a problem, but I think there are enough
applications that don't need it to justify a version of LuaJIT without it.

Just for your reference, one of the devices I used Lua with ran on a
Coldfire and the other on ARM, so LuaJIT running on either of those
platforms would be pretty interesting.

Zachary P. Landau <>