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On Thursday 16 March 2006 10:32 am, Tomas wrote:
> > Does anyone know if you can transfer (seamlessly) a variable or table
> > across LUA states?
>  	No.  But you can transfer some types of values using the C API.
>  	Take a look at Rings library:

unfortunately, it only copies primitive values, not tables.

a somewhat more complete solution would be to use Pluto 
(, to mangle a complex structure into a 
string and then transfer that.

a nice optimisation would be to add new writer/reader functions to Pluto that 
do the inter-state transfer.  it still would be several copies, but might be 
worth the try.

even better would be if lua_xmove() could work across separate states.  of 
course the naive implementation would hopelessly confuse the two garbage 
collectors.  maybe a full working interstate lua_xmove() would be as heavy as 


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