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> It seems that too many people are having problems with this 
> DirectX issue.
> How can we solve that??

It is not only a DirectX issue, that's just one library that is a known
offender.  And, unfortunately, the number2int macro isn't the only
issue...  We've had this fp control word trouble even in a Lua 4
project.  Our app would crash at strange and unpredictable places.  It
took us a *long* time to pinpoint the problem.  In our case, a sound
driver changed the fp control word.  If I remember correctly, the crash
was then caused by a fp underflow (or overflow) exception that was
thrown at us (instead of being silently ignored.)  To make things worse,
this exception is not thrown immediately, but it remains pending until
some further interaction with the fpu (I've forgotten the details, but
it was pretty hairy stuff.)

We fixed this by explicitly restoring the fp control word following a
PlaySound call.  Maybe this could be integrated by providing a
lua_set_fpcw macro (like the lua_lock/lua_unlock) that is executed after
each C call?



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