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> > What are your future plans for LuaJIT,
> This depends on the feedback I'll receive from LuaJIT users.
> * Another goal is better portability (to non x86 CPUs).
> ................
> ARM is an interesting target for other
> embedded devices and PDAs (XScale).

And for Risc OS - the OS which was designed around the ARM by
the group who originally created the ARM architecture. There are
still a few thousand users. I would love to see an integer-only

The type-theoretic questions that the LuaJIT suggests are interesting.
What languages are there, in the neighbourhood of Lua (in that "space"
of languages that has not yet been given formal definition), that
have more static typing - enough to make possible faster compiled
code - but yet retain the character and appeal of Lua? 

Gavin Wraith (
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