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Michale Newberry wrote:

		> Maybe I misunderstood. I thought the issue was that D3D left the FPU in a
		> bad state, which Lua then picked up? In other words, all that had to happen
		> was that Lua code be multitasked with a D3D-based app. So yo uare saying
		> there is only a problem if Lua is linked into D3D---right?

Correct, this scenario is only a problem when the application that integrates LUA is linked with D3D and calls into D3D functions.
As previously mentioned, when the application initializes the D3D device there is an option that makes it preserve the FPU mode across any D3D API call which, depending on the frequency of your calls, could slow down your application.  Though these days I would think that most D3D APIs don't need to touch the FPU control word at all since the graphics hardware does all the transformations & lighting so using this option will likely not even register as an impact on performance.